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Good Practices - Latina
At the end of 80’s,  thanks to the innovative experiences and experimentation for Childhood Education carried out in Italy since 1900's (just think of the experiences of Maria Montessori and Agazzi sisters), the Ministry of Education of Italy, was enacting new legislation with an innovative design for pedagogical education with children aged 3-6 years, to transform the "Nursery Schools" in "Infancy Schools", with the aim of institutional quality in childhood education in Italy. For that event, from 20 to 22 April 1989, the Educational Direction of the 2nd circle of Aprilia (LT) organized a National Conference on "The Nursery School: a place for living and learning" to Aprilia (LT), which was joined and participated by the Ministry of Education of Italy and Experts from all parts of Italy. From that meeting began a close and fruitful collaboration between Fausto Presutti (I.S.P.E.F. President) and Rita Leli (director of the 2nd Learning Circle of Aprilia and promoter of innovative experimentation in the area) thanks to the Ministry of Education and the local education authority of Latina approvation (Law 270/82 and subsequent DI 129 of 1995) for six years from 1991 to 1997 of a project for the creation of a Consulting, Documentation and Experimentation Centre District, as psycho-pedagogical and the educational help and formative assessment in infancy schools on logic and mathematics themes.